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Anything you destroy, we will rebuild.

 Shelves "Bust"

This work is a part of a new exhibition in David Gill  Gallery based at London. The exhibition will showcase Greek and Roman masterpieces from renowned museums, 3D scanned, digitally manipulated and re-cast in marble as functional sculptures.

"I use technology to “steal” classical sculptures I have revered since childhood. Claim their shapes as raw material to build my own new works. It’s an act of gluttony and lust to appropriate that which belongs to the sacred world of the arts and use it freely in an exploration of its boundaries within the realm of the functional and the mundane. "– Sebastian Errazuriz.

Following his recent ‘Antiquity’ (2014) in which Errazuriz transformed the historic icon into a functioning bookshelf, this new series of limited-edition works pay homage to ancient sculpture while blurring the boundary between art and design. For the Bookcase ‘Antiquity Shelves Nike’ (2017), a replica of the headless Nike (Winged Goddess) is enveloped in a wooden ‘scaffold’ that functions as shelving. Errazuriz’s experimentation with innovative processes in design and art include augmented and virtual reality.

Parallel to the investigation between art and design, Errazuriz dives headstrong into the question of breakage as a vital aesthetic resource, whether it is historical and accidental, or artistic and purposeful. "Many of the sculptures we have learned to love and revere are broken, fragmented.Would they be as mysterious and fascinating to us if we could see them in their pristine original appearance?”

Errazuriz confronts various subjects and intellectual questions in this series of works, maintaining the precarious balance of tension and release, reverence and sacrilege, delicacy and brutality.

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