"An important figure to watch."

- Modern Magazine, Rachel Delphia


"Errazuriz gleefully defies the prevalent orthodoxy that delineates art and design as separate disciplines."

- Cultured Magazine, Anna Kats


“The range of his output is mind-blogging.”

- The Magazine Antique, Elizabeth Pochoda and Eleanor Gustafson


"Acclaimed artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz's recent TEDx talk provides an eye-opening perspective on problem-solving."

- Richard Branson, Virgin


"Artist, designer Sebastian Errazuriz has always been a bold and fearless innovator, receiving international acclaim for his original and provocative works on a variety of areas and disciplines." -- Wallpaper Magazine

''His talent for mixing mediums is undeniable."

- Surface Magazine, Justin Min


"Sebastian Errazuriz expands the concept of furniture, blending utility, expressionism and personal vision."

- Art In America, Carol Strickland


“Sebastian Errazuriz has the ability to transform nature, even at its darkest into something sleek and glamorous”

- Art & Auction, MM


"Errazuriz’s surprising and compelling creations blur the boundaries between contemporary art, design and craft"

- Wallpaper Magazine


“Sebastian Errazuriz has a macabre, wild imagination and his pieces are beautifully made.”/ “Mind-bending designs.”

- New York Magazine, Wendy Goodman


“Sebastian Errazuriz is half merry prankster, half brooding death-poet. But he’s all artist and all designer.”

- Interview Magazine, Jason Kiebler


“Humorously avant-garde/ Demonstrating that things are never quite what they seem”

-The New York Times


"Irreverent yet intelligent, Errazuriz's work combines humour and craftsmanship to powerful effect, making him one design star we're happy to see rising."

- Wallpaper Magazine


“A designer against all pre-approved banality.”

- Architectural Digest


“Demands us to pause and reconsider familiar objects.”

- The Financial Times


“A powerful cocktail of ingenuity, talent, humor and drama.”

- Vogue Magazine


“Unabashed confidence” / “His work is conceptual with a subtle social consciousness.”

- The Huffington Post


“A cerebral aesthete”/ “Errazuriz’s design has the wit of conceptual art.”

- ID Magazine


“The inspiration behind his work lies in a distant and more spiritual place.”

- The Daily News


“Death, humor and the history of Chile fuel his creations.”



“Errazuriz’s projects focus on the dichotomies of life and death.”



“A genuine talent” / “Changing the way we view and interact with seemingly innocuous objects.”

- Wallpaper Magazine


“We were honored to be the first auction house to sell a work of Sebastian.”

- James Zemaitis: Director of Sothebys XXth century Design


“Brings to mind the great questions of life.”

- Interni


“His experimental style provokes thought and humor in everyday objects.”

- Designboom


"I love what Sebastian is doing with art and design."

- Calvin Klein


“Never fails to amaze viewers.”

- Architect US


“An immensely talented artist and designer with few generational equals.”

- Christian Viveros-Faune: Art critic for The Art Newspaper & The Village Voice


“Sebastian Errazuriz was for many the designer of design Miami 2010”

- Parq Magazine


“The Boy Genius of Design”

- El Sabado Magazine


“The inimitable Sebastian Errazuriz”

- Core 77


“Truly exceptional work. This is an artist I would buy if I could”

- Hellen Chislett