The Beginning of the End curated by James Salomon will be the US premier of Sebastian ErraZuriz's latest sculptural works. The exhibition will be on view between May, 1-24, 2019 at Elizabeth Collective in New York.

Sebastian ErraZuriz uses rendered prints and 3D modeled sculptures that have been 3D printed to attempt to portray a new pantheon of today's most important technological forces. The exhibition presents technology as an artistic medium to explore the future of automation and its inevitable implications on society during the upcoming decades.

Errazuriz’s work is a commentary on the repercussions of technology on society today. He predicts that within the next decade automation will displace 50% of current jobs creating a wave of social insurrection and global conflict. Designed as a warning of the upcoming transformation, The Beginning of the End features sculptures that depict the new mythology of characters shaping our future such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. “We are excited to have the opportunity to debut these compelling works in the US by such a well-respected South American artist,” states Girand.

Sebastian Errazuriz has spent the past 5 years following the impact of technology on a wide array of disciplines ranging from social economics, geo politics to nano robotics to biotechnology. He has kept track of the exponential growth of these disruptive technological advances, projecting forward their accelerating convergence and concluding they will result in an inevitable transformation of all current paradigms.


The Prophet (Steve Jobs) 2.jpg
The New Opium (Mark Zuckerberg) 1.jpg
The Great Oracle (Page & Brin) 2.jpg
The Corporate Nation (Jeff Bezos) 1.jpg
The Collapse of the Resistance (Snowden) 1.jpg
The Great Oracle (Page & Brin) 3.jpg