Do it right (clean suicide) 2007

(Americana series)

Perforated helmet and firearm, 33” x 24” x 22”

 DO IT RIGHT (CLEAN SUICIDE) was inspired by the failed suicide attempt of an acquaintance who blew his face off with a shotgun, survived death and now lives disfigured, crippled and deprived of privacy under a 24/7 watch.

 After talking to the unfortunate victim of this failed suicide attempt, the artist suddenly found himself thinking of different designs, which could hypothetically help someone efficiently finish their life if they so desired.

 “DO IT RIGHT” or “Clean Suicide" consists of a motorcycle helmet with a perforated side and a gun permanently attached exactly at the ideal "terminal" spot to ensure an immediate death. 

 “DO IT RIGHT” or “Clean Suicide" uses a motorcycle visor and the helmet's structural properties designed to contain the brain in case of an impact and prevent most of the brain mass and fluids to be involuntarily spilled over the walls.



A)       The current gun installed in the helmet is a replica, which has its barrel bolted and cannot be used to fire. If the collector or institution, who purchases the piece has a legal gun under their name, this firearm could eventually be attached to the helmet under their own responsibility.